(Selecting the best dates).

” Doing the right thing in the right place at the right time.”



The course is unique in its kind.

Through “date selection”, we can successfully determine our actions and the most important appointments of our lives. Obtaining this knowledge will let us capture the best moments with greater confidence and deal with the unfavorable ones with greater awareness.

Its users are mainly business people who use it to launch commercial products on a large scale, for commercial transactions or to open stores. It is very appreciated for the choice of the wedding day (and separations), to undertake business trips or to begin medical treatment.


The main mistake: doing the right thing at the wrong time.

Most people are convinced that the most important thing in life is to choose the right thing; but many of them experience serious difficulties in trying to communicate to others their own thoughts and taking appropriate actions, they often miss the right time, frustrating their efforts.

Choosing the wrong time increases their frustrations, creating in many people even self-esteem issues; how many business, commercial agreements, even marriages, are blurred for being undertaken at the wrong times?

The course aims to increase the ability to select the best dates to achieve our goals.