In business Feng shui (the ancient art of establishing a harmonious relationship between environments and people) is used to direct a flow of positive energy in the workspace. This allows you to enhance the well-being and harmony of the people who work there and to attract new prospects for development. Feng Shui is also employed to achieve important goals such as creating marketing tools for success: the company logo , business cards , websites , advertising signs , perfectly suited to the energetic nature of the company. Learning  these techniques and being able to use them can be decisive in order to give new impetus to the company.


Business Feng shui can be applied to every job. It is addressed to professionals, managers, traders and entrepreneurs from all sectors: architecture interior design, fashion , spa and wellness , tourism, industry, trade , professional study/offices, shops, entertainment.





“Feng shui of work.” A 5-day full-immersion seminar.


At the end of the course you will receive a certificate testifying your attending the cycle of studies in Business Feng shui.





“Business and feng shui work.” The course aims to create an Expert / Professional in Feng shui, able to be present in the world of business and work.


Topics covered in the course:

Feng shui and business.

Buildings of good and bad omen.

The entrance of the building and the atrium.

The layout and shape.

Space -clearing .

How to create an auspicious/positive office .

The desk: the orientation and the direction where you can sit .

Activating your own personal space.

The lighting in the office.

Auspicious  furniture: its size.

The view from the office window.

The meeting room: how to organize a presentation/slideshow.

How to stimulate good fortune in business.

Where in the store to place the cash register.

Welcoming customers.

Personal  colors based on one’s work activity.

Colors, forms of business graphics suitable for your business.