It is a course to approach Feng Shui, providing an overview of the key principles on which it is based. It is structured on a two day full-immersion Seminar.

Course  content


The basic principles of Feng Shui

The meaning of Feng and Shui.

What is Ch’i?

The theory of Yin and Yang

Matching the energy of the five elements

The transformation of energy: generation, control, weakening, transformation.

The eight trigrams and the Ba Gua.


School of the Form general aspects:

The search for the perfect site

The Landscape

The urban orientation

The four animals and the landscape

The favorable orientation of the house (auspicious direction of the house).

The movement of energy in the rooms/ surroundings


The School of the Compass   general aspects:

The experience of space: the eight directions

The numbers and the correlation with the trigrams (Gua)

The eight directions and the elements


Design/planning approaches:

Practice on the map of your own house